ref_send API 2.17
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Uses of Interface

Packages that use Promise
org.ref_send.promise A promise interface. 
org.ref_send.test A simple test interface. 
org.waterken.all Runs all tests. 
org.waterken.bang A simple demonstration and test of eventual operations. 
org.waterken.bounce An argument passing test. 
org.waterken.delayed Delayed promise resolution test. 
org.waterken.eq Checks invariants of the ref_send API. 
org.waterken.factorial A tail recursive factorial implementation. 
org.waterken.pipelined Promise pipelining test. 
org.waterken.serial An infinite series of elements. 

Uses of Promise in org.ref_send.promise

Fields in org.ref_send.promise declared as Promise
 Promise<T> Deferred.promise
          permission to access the referent

Methods in org.ref_send.promise that return Promise
<T> Promise<T>
Eventual.ref(T referent)
          Gets a corresponding promise.
<T> Promise<T>
Eventual.reject(java.lang.Exception reason)
          Constructs a rejected promise.

Methods in org.ref_send.promise with parameters of type Promise
<T> T
Eventual.cast(java.lang.Class<?> type, Promise<T> promise)
          Casts a promise to a specified type.
<T> T
Eventual.near(Promise<T> promise)
          Gets a corresponding immediate reference.
 void Resolver.resolve(Promise<? extends T> promise)
          Resolve the corresponding promise to the given promise.
<P,R> R
Eventual.when(Promise<P> promise, Do<P,R> conditional)
          Does an eventual conditional operation on a promise.

Constructors in org.ref_send.promise with parameters of type Promise
Deferred(Promise<T> promise, Resolver<T> resolver)
          Constructs an instance.

Constructor parameters in org.ref_send.promise with type arguments of type Promise
Eventual(Receiver<Promise<?>> enqueue)
          Constructs an instance.
Eventual(Receiver<Promise<?>> enqueue, java.lang.String here, Log log, Receiver<?> destruct)
          Constructs an instance.

Uses of Promise in org.ref_send.test

Methods in org.ref_send.test that return Promise
static Promise<?> Logic.join(Eventual _, java.lang.Object... tests)
          Fulfills a promise after each listed promise is fulfilled.

Methods in org.ref_send.test that return types with arguments of type Promise
<T> Do<T,Promise<?>>
Logic.was(T expected)
          Creates a when block that compares against an expected value.

Uses of Promise in org.waterken.all

Methods in org.waterken.all that return Promise
static Promise<?> All.make(Eventual _)
          Constructs an instance.

Uses of Promise in org.waterken.bang

Methods in org.waterken.bang that return Promise
 Promise<java.lang.Integer> Drum.getHits()
          Gets the number of hits.
static Promise<?> Beat.make(Eventual _, Drum drum)
          Runs a unit test.

Uses of Promise in org.waterken.bounce

Fields in org.waterken.bounce with type parameters of type Promise
 ConstArray<? extends Promise<?>> AllTypes.p

Methods in org.waterken.bounce that return Promise
<A> Promise<A>
Wall.bounce(A a)
          Returns the given argument.
 Promise<ConstArray<AllTypes>> Wall.getAll()
          Creates a record of all types.
static Promise<?> Pitch.make(Eventual _, Wall x)
          Runs a unit test.
 Promise<java.lang.Integer> Wall.sum(int... num)
          Sends a variable argument list.

Constructor parameters in org.waterken.bounce with type arguments of type Promise
AllTypes(BooleanArray b, CharArray c, FloatArray f, DoubleArray d, ByteArray o, ShortArray s, IntArray i, LongArray l, java.lang.String t, ConstArray<? extends Receiver<?>> r, ConstArray<? extends Promise<?>> p, ConstArray<Vat<Deferred<?>>> k, java.lang.Object a)
          Constructs an instance.

Uses of Promise in org.waterken.delayed

Methods in org.waterken.delayed that return Promise
 Promise<Deferred<java.lang.Boolean>> Forwarder.forward()
static Promise<?> Relay.make(Eventual _, Forwarder forwarder_)

Uses of Promise in org.waterken.eq

Methods in org.waterken.eq that return Promise
static Promise<?> SoundCheck.make(Eventual _)
          Runs a unit test.

Uses of Promise in org.waterken.factorial

Methods in org.waterken.factorial that return Promise
 Promise<java.lang.Integer> Factorial.Recursion.apply(Factorial.Recursion tail_, int i, int acc)
static Promise<?> FactorialN.make(Eventual _, int n)
          Runs a unit test.
static Promise<java.lang.Integer> Factorial.make(Eventual _, int n)
          Computes a factorial.

Uses of Promise in org.waterken.pipelined

Methods in org.waterken.pipelined that return Promise
static Promise<?> Pipelined.make(PlugNPlay player_)

Uses of Promise in org.waterken.serial

Fields in org.waterken.serial declared as Promise
 Promise<T> Link.value
          element value

Methods in org.waterken.serial that return Promise
 Promise<T> Series.consume()
          Removes the first element in the series.
 Promise<T> Link.getValue()
 Promise<T> Element.getValue()
          element value
static Promise<?> PopPushN.make(Eventual _, int n)
          Runs a unit test.

Methods in org.waterken.serial with parameters of type Promise
<T> Element<T><T> value, Element<T> next)
          Constructs an instance.
 void Series.produce(Promise<T> value)
          Appends a value to the end of the series.

Constructors in org.waterken.serial with parameters of type Promise
Link(Promise<T> value, Element<T> next)
          Constructs an instance.

ref_send API 2.17
defensive programming in Java

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