ref_send API 2.17
defensive programming in Java

Uses of Interface

Packages that use Record
org.ref_send.brand An opaque, globally unique identifier. 
org.ref_send.log A log file format. 
org.ref_send.promise A promise interface. 
org.ref_send.scope A pass-by-copy interface. 
org.waterken.bounce An argument passing test. 
org.waterken.serial An infinite series of elements. 
org.waterken.syntax A marshalling interface. 
org.waterken.syntax.json JSON <=> Java conversion. 

Uses of Record in org.ref_send.brand

Classes in org.ref_send.brand that implement Record
 class Amount<T>
          A typed long value.

Uses of Record in org.ref_send.log

Classes in org.ref_send.log that implement Record
 class Anchor
          A marker for a point in an event loop turn where an event originated.
 class CallSite
          A source code location.
 class Comment
          Logs a comment.
 class Event
          Logs an event.
 class Fulfilled
          Logs fulfillment of a promise.
 class Got
          Logs receipt of a message.
 class Pipelined
          Logs a conditional send of a message processed at the callee's site.
 class Problem
          Logs an uncaught exception.
 class Progressed
          Logs progress towards resolution of a promise.
 class Rejected
          Logs rejection of a promise.
 class Resolved
          Logs resolution of a condition.
 class Returned
          Logs sending of a return value.
 class Sent
          Logs a message send.
 class SentIf
          Logs a conditional message send.
 class Trace
          A stack trace.
 class Turn
          An event loop turn identifier.

Uses of Record in org.ref_send.promise

Classes in org.ref_send.promise that implement Record
 class Deferred<T>
          A return from an explicit promise creation.
 class Vat<T>
          A return from a vat creation.

Uses of Record in org.ref_send.scope

Classes in org.ref_send.scope that implement Record
 class Layout<T>
          Structural type of a Scope.

Uses of Record in org.waterken.bounce

Classes in org.waterken.bounce that implement Record
 class AllTypes
          A record containing a field of each type.

Uses of Record in org.waterken.serial

Classes in org.waterken.serial that implement Record
 class Link<T>
          A resolved element of a series.

Uses of Record in org.waterken.syntax

Classes in org.waterken.syntax that implement Record
 class Syntax
          A serialization syntax.

Uses of Record in org.waterken.syntax.json

Classes in org.waterken.syntax.json that implement Record
 class JSONDeserializer
          Deserializes a JSON byte stream.
 class JSONSerializer
          Serializes an array of Java objects to a JSON byte stream.

ref_send API 2.17
defensive programming in Java

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