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Uses of Class

Packages that use DoubleArray
org.joe_e.array Read-only arrays. 
org.waterken.bounce An argument passing test. 

Uses of DoubleArray in org.joe_e.array

Methods in org.joe_e.array that return DoubleArray
static DoubleArray DoubleArray.array()
          Construct an empty DoubleArray
static DoubleArray DoubleArray.array(double... doubles)
          Constructs an array of doubles.
static DoubleArray DoubleArray.array(double value)
          Construct a DoubleArray with one element.
static DoubleArray DoubleArray.array(double value1, double value2)
          Construct a DoubleArray with two elements.
static DoubleArray DoubleArray.array(double value1, double value2, double value3)
          Construct a DoubleArray with three elements.
static DoubleArray DoubleArray.array(double value1, double value2, double value3, double value4)
          Construct a DoubleArray with four elements.
 DoubleArray DoubleArray.Builder.snapshot()
          Create a snapshot of the current content.
 DoubleArray DoubleArray.with(double newDouble)
          Creates a DoubleArray with an appended double.
 DoubleArray DoubleArray.with(java.lang.Double newDouble)
          Creates a DoubleArray with an appended Double.
 DoubleArray DoubleArray.without(int i)
          Return a new DoubleArray that contains the same elements as this one excluding the element at a specified index

Uses of DoubleArray in org.waterken.bounce

Fields in org.waterken.bounce declared as DoubleArray
 DoubleArray AllTypes.d

Constructors in org.waterken.bounce with parameters of type DoubleArray
AllTypes(BooleanArray b, CharArray c, FloatArray f, DoubleArray d, ByteArray o, ShortArray s, IntArray i, LongArray l, java.lang.String t, ConstArray<? extends Receiver<?>> r, ConstArray<? extends Promise<?>> p, ConstArray<Vat<Deferred<?>>> k, java.lang.Object a)
          Constructs an instance.

ref_send API 2.17
defensive programming in Java

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